Protection for children born alive after an abortion.[VicHansard 3620 - 3629] - Christine Campbell

In some cases, after an attempted abortion, the child is born alive. Under the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, there is no legal requirement for the abortionist or medical personnel to preserve the life of the child. This amendment would require that a child born alive, after a failed abortion, is given the same rights as any other child.

[Extracts from Ms Campbell's address to Parliament]

If Victoria wishes to join other states it must recognise that a child born alive has a humanity which demands that each and every one of us give them the care and respect that would be due to any other child born alive who may not have been born as a result of an induced abortion.

To not do so diminishes each and every one of us. To not provide care for an infant born alive and to simply leave them alone, in many cases lacking hydration or nutrition and in some cases oxygen, is inhumane.

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