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How to help your pro-life candidate

  1. Hand out how-to-vote (HTV) cards on Election Day
    Many voters have no idea whom they are going to vote for as they approach a voting centre on election day. These voters are called ‘swinging voters’ or ‘undecideds’. The simple act of courteously offering a how-to-vote (HTV) card to such a person can often encourage them to vote for your candidate.

    In fact it’s recognized, as a rule of thumb, the difference between having people hand out HTVs or not, can be worth between 3% to 4 % of the final vote. That’s why political parties go to so much trouble to recruit volunteers to hand out HTVs on election day. Even major political parties can struggle to get enough volunteers to help out.

    Handing out HTVs is an easy and and effective way to help your pro-life candidate.

  2. Delivering promotional leaflets
    Delivering authorized leaflets for your candidate in the lead-up to an election is an important way to introduce the candidate and help build support for them It’s also good exercise!

  3. Shopping Centre table
    Set up an information table at a shopping centre entrance in your candidate’s electorate. Highlight issues your candidate is campaigning on.

  4. Write letters to newspapers
    Write letters to local newspapers to support your candidate and their policies

  5. Recruit volunteers
    Invite your friends and people in your church or community group to get involved in the campaign.

  6. Display signs and posters
    Get permission to display authorised signs and posters for your candidate. Ask businesses and shops to display posters in their windows. The front yard of a house on a busy street can also be an effective location for a sign.

  7. Financial support
    Contrary to popular belief, most political candidates do not have endless amounts of money to spend on promotion. Often they have to forego mail-outs and newspaper advertisements through lack of funds. Perhaps you and a friend could donate a day’s wages to a pro-life candidate. Or help organize a fund- raiser in your community.

  8. Sponsor an advertisement in your local newspaper.
    An authorised advertisement in your local newspaper is a great way to promote a pro-life candidate in the community. Make sure the advertisement addresses an issue of popular concern to your community to win as many votes as possible.

  9. Join a political party
    Political parties are only as good as their members. If you don’t join a political party, then that’s one less pro-lifer in that party.

    After a period, party members are allowed to vote in the process of pre- selecting candidates for electoral seats. This is an important way pro-lifers can directly influence who is selected as candidates and MPs.

    Join a political party and encourage your pro-life friends to join too!

  10. Attend community meetings
    Attend and participate in meetings in the electorate to promote your candidate during the campaign. Bring others along to boost local support.

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